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5/16" Black Dyneema SK78 Competition Spotter's Rope with Red Protective Sleeve

Handle: Neopreme aluminum 

Hook: Double locking aluminum 

5/16" Black or Red Soft Shackle with Black Protective Sleeve

Rope Length: 20FT adjustable to 15FT

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

5/16" Black Dyneema SK78 Competition Spotter's Rope w/ 5/16" Soft Shackle

Rope Color: Black
Protective Sleeve Color: Red
5/16" Soft Shackle Rope/Sleeve Color
Double Locking Aluminum Hook: Black
Handle: Red
  • At JM Rigging when we come to play we play to win. Our competition spotters ropes designed by Jim Markham are a one of a kind tool to help your spotter keep you away from the cones, help a possible slide or even a roll over. All our splices are double locked and each spotters rope is hand made in Cedar City Utah with safety in mind as well as conforming to the specification's for competitive rock crawling. No grabbing the rope and suffering with rope burns as our removable handle gives you the edge you need to out perform the competition. Our spotter ropes are made from pure black Dyneemna SK78 made here in the USA with red highlights for quick connection and visibility. We use only USA made rated double locking aluminum snap hooks for safety and to prevent a roll out. Top quality hot glue shrink tube also protects the splice against the rigors of the rock. Our spotter ropes are 20ft. overall length with a connection at 15ft. depending on where you are positioned at the rig. Our spotters rope package also comes with a Made In USA 5/16" black soft shackle for quick connection to the rig. Most teams will place these black 5/16" Soft Shackle at prime recovery points on the rig for quickness. When you are ready for that extra step above the competition look no farther than JM Rigging Supply spotters ropes. Made by a spotter for spotters.

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