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Replacement winch line for the 8274

3/8" SK78 Pure Dyneema Winch Line w/ Protective Sleeve and Gusset Tube Thimble.

Protective Sleeve Color Options: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green.

Dyneema SK78 Winch Line Color options: Red, Blue, Black or Grey

Gusset Tube Thimble: Heavy Duty Black Powder Coated Gusset Tube thimble,  Made In the USA.

Drum Connection: L1 Lug Assembly Available

Sleeve Length: 15ft Sleeve.

Breaking Strength: 19,690 LBS

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

Replacement Winch Line for the 8274 w/ Gusset Thimble

SKU: RWL-38-125FT
Rope Color
PLEASE PICK A COLOR: Protective Sleeve Color
Gusset Thimble: Black
  • This is our replacement winch line for 8274. This winch comes new with 5/16" steel cable at 150ft. in length. We offer Our replacement/upgrade line in 3/8" diameter at 125ft.for greater pulling power and better abrasion resistance. We don't recommend over spooling the drum and putting any more line on it as the winch needs to function at any position while in recovery. An over spooled winch can cause headaches as the line can tend to load on one side or the other which could put the recovery on hold while we re-rig the system. Our 3/8" winch lines are made from pure Dyneema SK78 fiber manufactured by DSM in the Netherlands and then stranded into our high quailty rope here in the USA. All of our winch lines are built and hand spliced using a double locking splice here in Cedar City, Utah. Being we manufacture our own lines in house, we control the quality of each winch line manufactured to ensure a top quality product. Our winch lines are a great replacement for the traditional steel wire rope winch lines that come standard on most of today's winches. We use only a very heavy pattern black gusset tube thimble made in the USA on all of our winch lines. Our protective sleeve material is made in USA using mil-spec material. Even though our sleeves are tight to the rope they still slide up or down the rope so they can be used or positioned in hazardous areas. Our winch lines come standard with a bolt through style lug for easy connection to your drum unless a different style connection is required, if this is the case please just let us know when you place your order as the cost will remain the same. High quality American made Synthetic winch lines are the way to go. They are much stronger and lighter than traditional steel lines and safer to use. No more wire splinters or broken strands to cut your hands on. Easy to free spool and easier to wind in. Our winch lines can be cleaned with warm water and set out to dry.

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