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Purple Recovery Endless Loop for UTV Bundle with (2) 5/16" Pure Dyneema SK78 Soft Shackle w/ Protective Sleeve.


Recovery Strap: Purple Recovery Endless Loop for UTV

Safe working load: Vertical 2,600lbs - Basket 5,200lbs - Choker 2,100lbs
Breaking Strength: Vertical 13,000lbs - Basket 26,000lbs - Choker 10,500lbs
Available in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft.


Soft Shackle:  5/16"  Pure Dyneema SK78 Soft Shackle w/ Protective Sleeve

Safe Working Load: 3,400 LBS

Breaking strength: 17,000 LBS

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

Purple Recovery Endless Loop for UTV Bundle with (2) 5/16" Soft Shackle

Strap Color:: Purple
Soft Shackle Rope Color:
Protective Sleeve Color: Black
  • Endless loops are a great recovery tool and my go to for making recovery or winching points. At JM Rigging we take overhead lifting technology and incorporate these standards into our recovery products. This ensures your products from JM Rigging are tested and are top quality. All our slings are rated with the safe working load which is required for overhead lifting. The safe working load is figured out on a 5:1 safety factor so breaking strength is 5 times the tag load. These slings are made in America from high quality polyester yarn which means very little stretch. This puts all your pulling power to work, no lost time waiting for the nylon to finish stretching. Also being that nylon stretches, it builds up and stores more energy than polyester hence making polyester a safe material to use. These types of slings are used in in three rigging fashions, vertical, choker and basket as load capacities change with the different configurations. Being that the slings are endless the wear points can be shifted to extend wear sling life. The soft pliable body hugs the load and offers super strength with ease of handling. These straps are light weight, versatile, very user friendly and store easily. They are available in several different weight ratings as well as length. All slings feature identification tags indicating size, type, length and rated
    capacity. A small selection and a couple soft shackles make these hard to beat. Our endless loop slings are quick, simple and designed to make all your recoveries safe.

    ***** Avoid sling contact with any kind of sharp edge or surface
    So why use an endless loop from JM Rigging? Seamless tubular construction has no stitched edge to get snagged or ruptured. Red striped white core yarn offers additional warning to aid in inspection, JM Rigging endless loops are soft. Pliable body will hig many un-even and odd shaped loads. Grips tightly and is easy to unhitch. Choker hitch will not lock up on the load like flat web slings 100% polyester construction stretches approximately 3% at its rated capacity and will return to its original length where nylon stretches over 30% Load bearing yarns are protected in the sleeve from ultraviolet degradation Cost effective on lifting or pulling applications

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