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Green Recovery Endless Loop (Jeep,Trucks,Crawlers) Bundle w/ (2) 3/8" Black Pure Dyneema SK78 Soft Shackle w/ Black Protective Sleeve


Safe working load: Vertical 5,300lbs - Basket 10,600lbs - Choker 4,200lbs
Breaking Strength: Vertical 26,500lbs - Basket 53,000lbs - Choker 21,000lbs
Available in 2ft, 3ft., 4ft 6ft. 8ft. 10ft. 12ft., & 20ft
Any length available upon request


Soft Shackle:  3/8" Black Pure Dyneema SK78 Soft Shackle w/ Black Protective Sleeve

Safe Working Load: 5,000 LBS

Breaking strength: 25,000 LBS

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

Green Recovery Endless Loop (Jeep,Trucks,Crawlers) Bundle w/ (2) 3/8" Black SS

Strap Color:: Green
Soft Shackle Rope & Sleeve Color: