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Aluminum Snatch Ring with 7/16" MADE IN AMERICA Black Soft Shackle

Colors: red, black or blue anodized finish

MBS: 66,000 LBS

Workload Limit: 33,000 LBS

For Synthetic rope 5/16" to 1/2"

Snatch Ring is an import item

Soft Shackle is USA made

Aluminum Snatch Ring with 7/16" MADE IN AMERICA Black Soft Shackle

Snatch Ring Color:
7/16" Soft Shackle Rope/Sleeve Color: Black Black
  • A lightweight, economical alternative to standard snatch blocks. We searched long and hard for a quality ring that was not 100 plus dollars and found a high quality import product. These rings were designed as "thimbles" for standing rigging on boats in the sailing industry and they are plenty tough. The snatch ring can be used to increase pulling power, redirect winch lines or simply two part the recovery line for additional pulling power. The snatch ring is designed to be used with synthetic rope only and can be rigged easily with a proper size soft shackle. If your soft shackle has a chafe sleeve you will want to remove it. This will make the snatch ring rotate freely without the abrasion the chafe guard will cause. The large hole radius provides a smooth running surface so the snatch ring will rotate easily and freely. 
    **** ALL of these types of rings can fail if the winch line gets slack. If there is any danger that the line can become slack we recommend the use of a standard snatch block. These snatch rings are awesome, but like most rigging please use caution and understand the recovery and limitations of your rigging. 
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