Raptor Recovery Stingers
Breaking strength on the stingers are Vertical pull: 19,690lbs, Basket pull: 38,000lbs, choker pull:15,750lbs
Available Sleeve colors are: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Black.
Available Lengths: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft. 

Raptor Recovery Stingers

Sleeve Color
  • Our new Raptor Recovery Stingers are a must have tool for any rig. These slings are exceptonaly light, versatil and super strong. Large soft eyes on the stingers make for quick and easy rigging. Raptor recovery stingers will work in areas where most rigging either won't fit or it's just to difficult to rig big bulkey straps. These are great for wraping axles, dynomite for doing rim pulls or using the stinger in areas where your winch line or soft shackles are not eaisly rigged, won't fit or could possiably damage the winch line. Your winch line is the most important recovery tool you have and this tool should be protected.