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What's in the bag:


1 - Heavy duty black recovery bag with extra pockets to store your recovery gear.


1 - 7/8" x 30FT. or 7/8" x 20FT Kinetic DB Nylon Recovery Rope with large buffer eyes. This kinetic recovery rope works fantastic for recovering mid sized 4x4 trucks, suv's, jeeps and cars from sand, snow, mud or even towing your broke vehicle back home or to camp. Along with easier use, better stretch and more pulling power than a basic nylon web strap or standard double braid nylon rope. Pair this with our amazing pure Dyneema soft shackles making this super strong rope a great recovery tool.

Available Colors: Black, Red, Lime Green


2 - 7/16" super soft shackles, rated at 31,000 pounds which are much safer and easier to use than traditional steel shackles.

Available Rope Colors: Black, Blue

Available Sleeve Color: Black


This product is 100% MADE IN THE USA and built in Cedar City Utah.


Breaking Strength: 35,000 LBS for the 7/16" Kinetic Rope

Breaking Strength: 31,000 LBS for the 7/16" Soft Shackle


7/8'' Kinetic DB Nylon Recovery Kit w/ 8" Eyes, BLK Protective Sleeve

Rope Color
Protective Sleeve Color: Black
Soft Shackle Rope Color: