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5/16" Winch Line Doggie Leash w/ Black Protective Cover & Swivel Snap

Swivel Snap: Zinc Plated

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

5/16" Winch Line Doggie Leash w/ Black Protective Cover & Swivel Snap

Rope Color: grey
Protective Sleeve Color: black
Swivel Snap: Silver
  • JM Rigging Supply is the original manufacture of the Winch Line 
    Doggie Leash. We were messing around in the shop one day and made a new leash for our dog and companion Tanner. We showed up to a local rock crawl event and had amazing interest in the dog leash that looked like a winch line. I was asked by lots of people if i made these and how much are they hence the birth of the winch line doggie leash. From small dogs to large dogs, short leads to full length leashes we manufacture two sizes, 1/4" pure black Dyneema SK78 and 5/16" pure gray Dyneema SK78. Both ropes proudly Made In The USA from pure DSM Dyneema, one of the worlds strongest and most abrasion resistant fibers. We offer the 1/4" for smaller dogs in seven different lengths with a standard swivel snap and a handle loop large enough to easily fit your whole hand. These leashes are extremely light and very tough as the Dyneema rope is extremely hard to cut or chew through. Our standard and most popular size is the 5/16" pure gray Dyneema. We offer them in a straight gray rope as well as the most popular design, the original Winch Line Doggie Leash with the protective cover and the swivel snap. The original 5/16" Winch Line Doggie Leashes are also available in seven different lengths with six different color sleeve options so your dog will be right at home and looking good on the trail or wherever you may go. These leashes are one of kind and will make your dog stand out above the rest. The rope and the sleeve are proudly Made In The USA and fabricated here in Cedar City Utah. The swivel snap is an import product. Being that we manufacture what we sell we can make just about any style or length you may require, at JM Rigging Supply custom does not mean a long wait as even special orders generally ship within 24 hours. For example maybe you want the handle a different color sleeve than the body of the leash, we can do this at no extra charge, just let us know what you would like. For a custom or special order send us a message or feel free to call the shop during regular business hours and get your Winch Line Doggie Leash going today.


    The leashes, bare or covered can be easily washed in the sink or in a bucket of warm, lightly soaped water. Rinse thoroughly and set out to dry to keep your leash looking good. We do not recommend a high pressure washer or putting them in the washing machine or the dryer.

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