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3/8" Pure Grey Dyneema SK78 Winch Line Extension, Fully Covered w/ 1 Solid Color Of The Balastic Cordura Protective Sleeve.

Color Choice: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, or Rasta

Breaking Strength: 19,690 LBS

Made in the USA, and hand spliced in house.

3/8" Pure Grey Dyneema SK78 Winch Line Extension, Fully Covered w/ 1 color

Rope Color: Grey
Protective Sleeve Color
  •  Winch line extensions are a great recovery tool and a must for any serious off-road enthusiasts. How many times has your winch line been 20ft. short of where it needs to reach? JM Rigging winch line extensions are the answer to this problem. Traditional flat nylon winch straps are bulky and hard to use where our pure Dyneema winch line extensions weigh a fraction of the weight of a strap, take up less room, no water absorption and are much easier to store when not in use. The rather large eyes fabricated on theses straps are generally not conducive to your winch line connection and can cause excess rigging of connection parts not necessarily needed. When winching stretch can be your enemy as nylon straps will stretch in excess of 30% . Good static, non stretching connections is the proven way for optimum winching. At JM Rigging we make all our winch line extensions with this in mind. Made from the same material  as our proven winch lines our Made In USA pure gray Dyneema SK78 in 3/8" diameter and carrying a breaking strength of 19,690 lbs. We splice in large eyes for an easy connection that are 100% covered with our  six color option protective sleeve. Being that winch line extensions see alot of abuse from use and connection points like trees and rocks as well as being drug around on the ground picking up dirt and debris that can damage your line. With this in mind we fully cover 100% of the body of the extension with our six color option protective sleeve as well. Made in lengths from 20ft to 50ft. Nothing beats a 100% fully covered winch line extension from JM Rigging for performance and durability. Our winch line extensions paired with our Made In The USA soft shackles can be a huge time and money saver for many recovery's that may not even require the use of a winch. Being our winch line extensions are fabricated in house we can make any length, size and 
    color combination. If what you would like is not on the standard product list just simply give us a call or drop us a message with your requirements today. Special orders are no problem at JM Rigging and will still generally ship within 24hours.

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