Trail Repair Tire Plug Kit

1pc: heavy duty T-handle insert tool

1pc: heavy duty rasp

25pc: 8" long plug strips

1pc: slippery lubrication

2pc: replacement tool ends

2pc: allen wrench

Trail Repair Tire Plug Kit

  • This is a fantastic flat repair kit that has everything you need in one heavy duty storage case to repair a flat tire on the trail. This kit is a must for anyone who goes off-roading. For atv's to full size rigs this kit is number one. This kit includes one heavy duty T-handle insert tool along with one heavy duty rasp. Kit contains 25 pieces of the  8" long plug strips, some slippery lubrication and 2 replacement tool ends along with the Allen wrench to change them out. This is a very popular kit heavy duty kit that has everything you need so get yours today.