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Winch Lines

JM High Strength Synthetic Winch Lines:

There are many benefits to using synthetic line over steel cable. The biggest benefit is SAFETY. The amount of inertia or resistance that is built up in steel cable when it breaks can be deadly to bystanders as well as operators. Synthetic line does not store energy and will go limp if it breaks. Other benefits are:

• Melting Point: 150º C

• Specific Gravity: 0.97 (Float)

• Elongation at break: 4~5%

• Water Absorption: None

• UV resistance: Good

• Maximum strength to weight ratio, and strength
  comparable to or stronger than steel wire rope.

• Lowest elongation

• Longer life and easy handling

• Superior abrasion resistance

• Non-kinking, and non-rotational

• Manufactured tested according to ISO and BSEN standards.

JM High Strength Synthetic Winch Lines:


JM RIGGING high strength synthetic winch lines offer pure performance. Our winch lines have been proven and tested by some of the top rock sports teams in the USA and Japan.

From our in house splice to length and protection sleeve color options makes our winch lines hard to beat. Made from Dyneema SK65 fiber, our low stretch, excellent abrasion resistance and 12 strand torque free construction that is so soft to the hands but yet light enough that it floats. All winch lines come in a grey color urethane coating and are treated with a unique coating process and special heat treatment process to enhance its anti-abrasion characteristics.

Being that we manufacture our own lines in house we can make any length desired, any combination of hook or spa shackle and still ship the same day you order your line.

At JM RIGGING SUPPLY customers are number one. We stock a few different sizes of line so we can cover your full sized rig right down to the Atv's and side by sides or anything with a winch.

Diameter in Inches Diameter in MM Lbs/CFT Breaking Strength
3/16" 5 1.00lbs 3,600 lbs
1/4" 6 1.60 lbs 6,000 lbs
5/16" 8 2.60 lbs 9,000 lbs
3/8" 9 3.70 lbs 13,900 lbs
1/2" 12 6.40 lbs 22,500 lbs


At JM RIGGING we are always striving to improve our products. We also offer and recommend our newer pure Dyneema SK75 super high strength synthetic winch line MAX II. Our MAX II offers more strength and performance but still has the same characteristics as our original MAX I.

Diameter in Inches Diameter in MM Lbs/CFT Breaking Strength
5/16" 8 2.60lbs 13,750 lbs
3/8" 10 3.70 lbs 19,690 lbs
7/16" 11.1125 4.16 lbs 23,650 lbs
1/2" 12 6.2 lbs 35,090 lbs

Rope Thimbles:

All our high strength synthetic winch lines come with a heavy duty thimble spliced into the line. We offer a heavy duty galvanized thimble as well as heavy duty polished stainless steel thimble or if you choose, no thimble at all. JM RIGGING SUPPLY does recommend a thimble as it protects the line and adds extra wear capabilities to your winch line.

NOTE: All Thimbles are Heavy Pattern Except for 3/16" Diameter

Protection Sleeve:

For extra added abrasion and uv resistance we also offer and recommend a nylon sliding protection sleeve. We use only top quality mil-spec nylon made in the USA. Our standard length for this protection sleeve is 12 feet, but at JM RIGGING SUPPLY we can offer a shorter length if desired. Color is also your choice as we have six different color options for you to choose from so you can color code your vehicle.

Hook Options For Winch Lines:

All our high strength synthetic winch lines come with an available option of three different styles of hooks. At JM Rigging we only provide top quality, certified for overhead lifting, proof tested grade 80 alloy hooks and offer no substitutions. Any other type of hook is inferior and should not be used for winching for safety reasons. We also stock replacement latch kits for the hooks we sell.

Forged Spa Shackles:

If you prefer no hook at all we also offer forged galvanized spa shackles or for that special look we can also offer stainless steel spa shackles. Being that we are a rigging shop we offer high quality spa shackles that are made in the USA as well as a quality line of import spa shackles for the enthusiasts on a tight budget. If you prefer the eye can be left empty in case you have something special or custom you want to put in the eye. **Coming soon we will have colored spa shackles to go with your line.**


Factor 55:

JM Rigging is also an authorized stocking distributor for Factor 55 winch line components. We stock there Prolink, Prolinkxtv as well as the Flatlink. These types of links provide a very nice, clean spa shackle connection to your winch line. The rubber guard provides a secure, rattle free and snug connection up to your fairlead.