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Polyester Recovery Straps:

All of our polyester-low stretch recovery straps are proudly made in the USA. We carry them in two different widths 2” and 3” as well as two different lengths of 20ft. and 30ft. All recovery straps are 2 ply reinforced and are specially treated for uv and abrasion. They have half twisted and tapered eyes so they can fit into a hook or shackle easily. All polyester recovery straps come in yellow color with a capacity tag. These recovery straps are very tough and super strong. Your best bet for winch tie off connections as the stretch of a nylon recovery strap can be your enemy. Custom lengths available and widths up to 6”.

2” x 20ft. 2 ply reinforced, 36,000 lb. capacity. P/N 98220R

2” x 30ft. 2 ply reinforced, 36,000 lb. capacity. P/N 98230R

3” x 20ft. 2 ply reinforced, 54,000 lb. capacity. P/N 98320R

2” x 20ft. 2 ply reinforced, 54,000 lb. capacity. P/N 98330R

Nylon Tow-Recovery Straps:

These nylon tow-recovery straps are an import product for the off-road enthusiast on a budget or maybe to keep in back of the car in case of emergency. Even though they are made overseas, they are made with high quality material by a mill with high regards for quality. 4” and 6” are also available NYLON TOW STRAPS SHOULD BE USED FOR TOWING OR RECOVERING A VEICHLE ONLY, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WINCH POINT RECOVERY.

2” x 20ft. Standard Nylon with looped ends, 18,000 lb. capacity. P/N 77069

2” x 30ft. Standard Nylon with looped ends, 18,000 lb. capacity. P/N 77074

3” x 20ft. Standard Nylon with looped ends, 27,000 lb. capacity. P/N 77005

2” x 20ft. Standard Nylon with looped ends, 27,000 lb. capacity. P/N 77006

Nylon Recovery Straps:

We also carry an import line of higher quality nylon recovery straps. These can be used for helping another vehicle out of sand or mud when some stretch is required. These recovery straps have a 20% stretch or elongation factor. They come with a sliding protector sleeve as well as a wear pad in the eyes for extra longevity and a red center of the strap marker. The eyes are half twisted and tapered.

2-3/8" Nylon recovery strap, orange, 17,000 lb. capacity – max vehicle weight 8,500lb. P/N 77172

3” Nylon recovery strap, yellow, 24,000 lb. capacity – max vehicle weight 12,000lb. P/N 77174

If you are not sure about what type of strap you may want use being that nylon and polyester are two different materials with two different usages, you can contact us here at JM RIGGING SUPPLY and we can help steer you in the right direction.


Polyester Roundslings are a great recovery strap and should be part of the recovery arsenal in every off- road rig. We stock many different load capacities, but the black is the one rated for recovery. These slings fold or roll up very tightly and weigh much less than conventional yellow flat recovery straps. They are also circular and less bulky than conventional flat straps so they fit into your hooks or shackle’s much easier. Being that they are polyester they will not hold or absorb water. These slings have polyester strands covered with a polyester cover and have very little stretch. Due to the low stretch they make a great winch point tie off to go around rocks and are superior as a tree saver strap. When you choke this sling around a tree it will stay up and not fall down like its friend the flat yellow strap. We stock a very short length which is 18” in length. This short length is great for a winch point connection on any vehicle, specially tube or roll bars. Hook your winch line directly to this strap for a solid, in line connection point. They have a vertical safe working load capacity of 5,300lbs. A basket capacity of 10,600lbs, and a choke configuration capacity of 4,200lbs. These slings are designed for overhead lifting and carry a 5 to 1 safety factor built into the rating. These slings will break at 5 times the safe working load.


18” Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-1.5

3Ft. Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-3

6Ft. Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-6

9Ft. Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-9

12Ft. Black Polyester Roundsling P/N RSB-12

20Ft. Green Polyester Roundsling P/N RSG-20



We carry a quality line of made in the USA heavy duty ratchet straps. From tying down your rock crawler, atv/utv to tractors and construction vehicles we have you covered. Tying down via the axle is the most secure and recommended way to transport your vehicle. JM Rigging tie downs comes with a spring loaded release mechanism which prevents ratchets from opening accidentally.

All of our 2” ratchet assemblies come standard with a heavy duty 4000lbs. ratchet with a knurled aluminum handle for durability. Our one and two inch ratchet assemblies come with a one-foot fixed end but at JM Rigging we can also do custom made ratchet assemblies upon request. Our ratchet straps are made using premium, tested polyester webbing for maximum strength and durability. We assemble our ratchet assemblies in the USA and conform to Web Sling and Tie Down Association, Federal Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) , and Highway Patrol standards.

1" x 9’ 3000lbs. ATV/UTV Ratchet Tie Down, Axle Strap, 'S' Hooks, Free Side With Loop, Black, P/N 6633

2” x 9’ 10,000 lbs. Car Tie Down With Twisted Snap Hooks And Axle Strap, Black P/N 66210-B

2” x 9’ 10,000 lbs. Car Tie Down With Twisted Snap Hooks And Adjustable Axle Strap, Black P/N 66210-ADJ-B

CAUTION: Never exceed Safety Working Load. Do not use any webbing or bungee products that show signs of excessive wear, nicks, cuts, abrasions, worn stitching, chemical burns, holes, or hardware that is defective.